Silent Tyre solutions that keep cavity noise at bay


The transition to electric and hybrid cars is accelerating, promising a future with quieter, less polluting mobility. A long-established partner of the automotive sector, Recticel Engineered Foams is helping manufacturers to address a growing challenge in the design of tomorrow’s vehicles: the changing sources of noise. The focus for silencing measures is gradually shifting from the powertrain to road and wind noise.



Understanding tyre cavity noise

It’s no surprise that, as vehicles change, so do tyres. The larger tyres typically fitted to electric vehicles are becoming a major source of noise inside the cabin. Tyre cavity noise is caused by pressure variations inside a rolling tyre as it interacts with the road surface. As the tyre cavity resonates, it creates vibrations that are transmitted into the vehicle interior, creating an unpleasant sound that detracts from the driving experience.

Silence in motion


dBR-Foam TWA: a tried and trusted solution

Our dBR-Foam TWA products are the preferred solution for several major tyre manufacturers. These PU acoustic performance pads are specially developed to address road noise issues in electric and hybrid vehicles. Placed on the inside of the tyre tread, they absorb vibrations at the source to significantly decrease cabin noise and control tyre temperature without impacting the tyre’s overall performance.

The portfolio includes two versions of the foam, available in customised parts. They can also be laminated with specific adhesives to meet customer requirements.



Sharing the journey to tomorrow’s mobility

Our Silent Tyre performance pads are just one of a range of future-ready mobility solutions from Recticel Engineered Foams. Our advanced solutions for noise reduction and thermal management are helping to improve the driving experience while reducing energy consumption and extending mileage.

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