Tailored protection for sensitive medical samples


Transporting medical samples is a complex business. For bodily fluid specimens in particular, there are challenges related to leakage, breakage, shelf life and contamination, which can compromise not just test results but medical outcomes. Carpenter is an established supplier of tailored foam solutions to several producers of medical packaging. With advanced foaming expertise and in-house processing capabilities, we develop inner protection that integrates the right characteristics for boxes and cases used in various specialist applications.


Dedicated properties for safe transportation

Packaging for sensitive medical samples requires specific properties, which may vary in importance depending on the specimen type and purpose. Customers often have particular requirements to ensure regulatory compliance.



Leakage in the event of misuse or a broken sample tube can lead to sample contamination. This can be avoided by including a moisture-absorbing hydrophilic inlay designed to preserve the quality and sterility of medical specimens, improve shelf life and enhance safety during handling.


Electrostatic properties
Packaging can be optimised with foam lining that prevents electrostatic discharge (ESG) from sensitive electronic devices or provides static shielding against electrostatic charges.  This is often a requirement to allow our customers to align with regulatory standards such as ISO 13485.


Thermal insulation
Extreme temperature fluctuations can compromise the efficiency or validity of substances including vaccines, sensitive chemical compounds and biological samples. We provide packaging with the right thermal insulation properties to ensure temperature stability during transportation. 


Precision manufacturing
Medical devices come in all shapes and sizes. Precision fabrication is required to ensure that the inner packaging is perfectly shaped to optimise the protection offered by the outer shell.


In-house processing for end-to-end reliability

Our customers depend on the highest quality standards to preserve their reputation and take their business into the future. Thanks to our comprehensive in-house processing capabilities, we are able to design and develop inner packaging solutions that fully optimise the outer casing. 

Our renowned die-cutting expertise means we can manufacture customised insert foams to exact specifications in a highly cost-efficient process that is scalable for large and small production volumes. This speciality is complemented by a full portfolio of CNC cutting, profiling, milling, slicing and thermo-compression capabilities enabling us to meet almost any requirement.

Sustainability is a leading priority for companies that are focused on the future. Many of our processing capabilities are applied to improve durability and long-term usability. Lamination can improve functionality by adding barrier properties that protect against UV light, extend shelf life, improve chemical resistance and preserve the visual appeal of the package lining. Bonding can be integrated to ensure seal integrity and prove that the product is unopened. Any of the production processes above can be used or combined to ensure precision tailoring, fulfil complex shapes and reduce production waste.


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