ISCC PLUS certification for Langeac plant reaffirms our commitment to sustainability



Our foaming plant in Langeac, France, is the first Engineered Foams plant to receive the ISCC PLUS certification, recognising Carpenter’s contribution to accelerating a circular economy. The International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC) is an international certification system covering alternative feedstocks and renewables catering to the energy, food, feed, and chemicals sectors.

The Langeac site has been producing a range of foams for the Consumer & Medical Care and Comfort markets since 1967. The certificate reflects its dedication to supplying customers with high-quality products that are environmentally responsible and future-focused.

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What is ISCC PLUS?

ISCC (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification) is an independent multi-stakeholder initiative supporting sustainable, fully traceable, deforestation-free and climate-friendly supply chains. Its certification system contributes to environmentally, socially and economically sustainable production.

ISCC PLUS certification is a voluntary certification that is applicable to the bioeconomy and circular economy for food, feed, chemicals, plastics, packaging, textiles and renewable feedstock derived from a process using renewable energy sources. In seeking recognition by ISCC PLUS, we are offering our customers global transparency with regard to the origins of our mass balanced materials. It means that all the plant’s sustainable raw materials are certified right along the supply chain. The certification is third-party verified and subject to a yearly audit.

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Mass balancing: the first step to eliminating virgin fossil raw materials

The ISCC PLUS certificate was awarded to the Langeac site on the basis of its mass balancing mechanism. Mass balancing is a vital step towards phasing in non-fossil raw materials on a large scale. The approach enables a gradual transition towards recycled and renewable feed stock.

Mass Balancing

In the chemical industry, the mass balancing methodology ensures physical and chemical traceability. It means that recycled or bio-based raw materials are used instead of fossil based raw materials at the beginning of the production process and allocated to specific end products. As a production method, it saves valuable resources and revalorises waste while cutting CO2 emissions and minimising the carbon footprint of manufacturing. The entire value chain benefits from high sustainability standards and climate protection without any impact on product properties or quality.

Mass balancing is well-known and widely used by the energy and food industries as well as organisations like the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and the Fairtrade Foundation. With consistent application over time, more and more raw materials will eventually come from renewable sources.


Langeac is just the start!

The certification of our Langeac plant marks the beginning of our ISCC journey. More plants will follow, offering our customers the option to purchase fossil resource-saving foams produced in our certified plants. Our purpose is to provide valuable solutions that enhance people’s lives while ensuring we take steps to preserve our planet.

Low carbon footprint products are another step towards advancing the circular economy and preserving our planet. 

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